About Ajabs


AJABS is an internationally refereed journal published jointly by the International Network on Animal and Biomedical Science and Technology for Africa (INABSTA), an initiative of the NEPAD Council Education Commission (NCEC), Makerere University (College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resource and Bio-Security - CoVAB) and Uganda Veterinary Association.

What we do

AJABS provides a forum for exchange of scholarly knowledge and information in the natural and social sciences related to Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Research for and in Africa.

AJABS assists scientists in developing countries (Africa in particular), to publish and disseminate relevant research results rapidly, and in an easily accessible format, by making maximum use of electronic communication media.

AJABS publishes both full-length papers and short communications describing the results of research that relate to the theme of Animal and Biomedical Research and Technology.